Zombie Party

by Sugar Skull Explosion

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All of these songs are by SSE except "Lost Control" which is by Dog Party.
This album was recorded by Josue Rodriguez.
The art is by Lady Danger.



released July 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Sugar Skull Explosion Phoenix, Arizona

Sugar Skull Explosion is E-SKULL and J-SKULL. E-SKULL plays drums and sings and J-SKULL plays bass and sings.They have traveled to this time from the future to save music before it's too late.

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Track Name: Defeat the Beach/Lost Control
Defeat the Beach
With the waves so high
We're all gonna die
Surf's up!

He's lost control of his brain
And he's gone insane
He's lost control.
Track Name: Doll Brain
I'm a doll not made for having knowledge
Sold at the mall can't go to college
Always looking happy but I know I'm not
My life will always be a tangled knot

Doll brain, feeling insane

One day I will come to life
and not just be some Ken doll's wife.
Track Name: Hallmark Holidays
Death to hallmark holidays
If you love someone tell them everyday
Death to hallmark holidays
if you love someone tell them your own way.
Track Name: The Demon
Red eyes red as blood out of its skin
Blue hair blue as the blood inside
Black heart black as coffee making you insane

Hail the demon
You're not dreaming

You're gonna die, but don't you cry
You're gonna die, so be who you are inside.
Track Name: I Don't Want To
Clean your room! (I don't want to!)
Turn down the racket! (I don't want to!)
Do your homework! (I don't want to!)
Stop playing with your food! (I don't want to!)
Do the dishes! (I don't want to!)
Brush your teeth! (I don't want to!)
Quit talking back to me! (I don't want to!)
Go to bed! (Go away!)
Track Name: Question Everything
TV tells me how to be
I see the same thing in magazines
I won't listen to the lies
I'll listen to what I hear inside

Question everything

I've had it with the fools at school
Telling me what they think is cool
I've had it with my Barbie dolls
I'll throw them against the wall

Question everything

Sometimes I get real mad
What they think is good I think is bad
What they think is bad I think is rad
But when I'm sad at least I'm glad I...

Question everything.
Track Name: Apocalypse
Cars moving bells ringing
Everybody's gonna die
Paying for the medicine
Because everybody knows you've got the infection

Because it's the apocalypse
Everybody knows

Nothing to pay, nothing to say
Because it's the apocalypse.